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Vinhomes Tan Cang apartment for rent with 3 bedrooms fully furnished – L3.xx.03 – Price 1300 $ BP

Need to rent fast apartment Vinhomes Tan Cang 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets to the city, very beautiful, not covered.

Simple, luxurious apartment design.

Located right next to Landmarrk 81, the tallest building in Vietnam and a bustling shopping center.

Full and high-end internal utilities: Swimming pool, gym, bank, hospital, school, convenience store, 14ha park … with clubs with many different subjects established by residents. should create a modern and friendly residential community.

The rent is only $ 1300 for management fees

* Receive deposit and customer support:

The office is located right in the center of the project.
– Support to pick you up and watch the house and clean new houses.
– Support fiber optic services, internet, essential things to serve life.
– Commitment to dedicated support to help you find a home as you like, answer all procedures and inquiries related to the lease.